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iphonephotos's Journal

Photos for iPhone
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Interesting photos for use as wallpaper for the iPhone
Basically I'm starting this community so I can have an easy way to transfer photos from my laptop to my desktop. I find myself switching wallpapers on my iPhone randomly just to "mix it up" a little, so having a handful of options is always good :D So, this will be a place where I can put up my photos, but also anyone else who thinks "this would make a good wallpaper".

Any type of photos are encouraged, and everyone is encouraged to post on here. Please keep any negative comments to yourself (this isn't a rating community or anything like that).

Soooo yeah, that's about it :D Hope that ya'll find something interesting on here!

Oh yeah! If you are looking for a place to upload photos, check out http://www.imageshack.us ... that's what i use.. it's super easy